A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 3: Nogizaka Kana(2)

Chapter 3: Nogizaka Kana(2)

The six people rejoiced in their hearts, maliciously imagining what will happen in the future. But they weren’t going to find out, since, without anyone noticing, Hexi had already raised her left hand. Six Invisible Needles lay between her slender fingertips., Her Internal Energy burst forth, propelling the needles to fly forward. In the blink of an eye, they entered the heads’ of the six peoples., “Ah!” The six people uttered a pained shout, feeling something cold drill into their brain., Zhangsan suddenly lifted up his head and looked at Hexi with fear, “You…what did you do to us?”, Hexi’s finger gently fiddled with the barbed whip, the corner of her mouth revealing the hint of a blood thirsty smile, “In this world, there’s no oath that can be trusted, there are only soulless and mindless puppets that you could trust to never betray you. Well then, what do you think I’ll do to you?”, “You….you want to extract our souls from our body?” Zhangsan and the other’s eyes filled with shock and fear, as well as a deep resentment towards Hexi., “Loathsome girl, you will……ah ah ah—–!”, The sharp pain in their brain spread in a flash. Eroding their brains’ nerve, the six people desperately wanted to struggle and resist, but the control they had over their bodies’ had disappeared., The method Hexi used to create the puppets, naturally it wasn’t the one of extracting souls that was usually used in this world – that was truly something that went against morals and the order of heaven. For the person that had their soul taken, not only was life as a puppet irreversible, they would also never be able to reincarnate., Hexi only needed to use the Invisible Needle to control their brain domain, then feed them some special medicines, to make their consciousness vague. Resulting in them only being able to listen and obey her orders., As long as Hexi was willing, the Brain Domain Restriction spell could be removed, returning them to their normal state., Half an incense stick later, the six people that originally had sinister expressions, had now become calm, their eyes lifeless and their faces expressionless., Hexi coldly gazed down at them as they crawled to kneel on the ground at her feet, respectfully kowtowing and saying as one, “Master.”, Hexi then ordered them, “Remember, from now on, anything that happens in this small courtyard, you’re not allowed to spread outside, that includes informing people from Nalan Manor.”, “Yes, Master.”, “In addition, if I’m not here, consider Wet Nurse Chen as your Master. You have to make sure to carry out her orders. Did you all hear that clearly?”, The six people, as one, responded with a yes. Without a trace of rebellion, they paid their respects to Wet Nurse Chen and saluted her., Hexi waved a hand, “Now all of you can withdraw. About Li Si, find him and guard him strictly, and don’t let him die, in a while I have something to ask him.”, After ordering them to withdraw, Hexi turned around, coming into contact with Wet Nurse Chen’s shocked filled watery eyes., Hexi held up Wet Nurse Chen’s hand to feel her pulse, preparing to examine the condition of her injuries’, but suddenly she stared blankly, confusion appearing on her face., “Wet Nurse, was the meridian of your cultivation base forcibly destroyed by someone?”, Wet Nurse Chen’s eyes suddenly opened wide with shock, her face expressing surprise and confusion., When her cultivation base had become crippled, Miss was simply too young to remember it happening. Moreover, to go through more than ten years with eating only the dirty crops, her spiritual roots had long ago being destroyed, her Dantian no better than an ordinary person’s. Because that person had used a highly skilled method, common doctors couldn’t treat it, not to mention that even the symptoms of the illness were invisible. In the beginning she had held onto her hope of finding someone in the streets to cure her illness, but even the student that aided the doctor of Yan Jing City’s court was helpless. Since then she had given up, but why would Miss know about it and mention it now?

Chapter end

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