A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 16: Maemuras Resolve, Akanes Love

Chapter 16: Maemuras Resolve, Akanes Love

Dan Dan broke into laughter, it’s childish voice brimming with happiness, “Mother is really kind, I like mother the most.”, Feeling the childlike creature’s deep attachment and sincere emotions towards her, Hexi felt touched, feeling closer to this strange creature., She caressed its warm eggshell and asked, “Dan Dan, will you always stay in this…huge egg form? Can you break the shell and come out?”, Dan Dan said, “Baby…oh, Dan Dan of course can come out! But, to come out it will take a lot of trouble.”, “What sort of trouble?”, “Dan Dan needs spiritual energy, lots and lots of spiritual energy.”, Hexi’s mind stirred, suddenly recalling the plundered loot from Zhu Zhongba’s hands., When she had been by the spirit spring, she had examined and found out that she was unable to open the storage ring using internal power. However, when she absorbed the spiritual power in the space she was actually able to open the storage ring., Although spiritual power was unable to be stored in her Dantian, however, only flowing into her meridians for a split second, it was already enough to open the storage ring., Hexi poured more than half of the stuff in the storage ring in front of the huge egg, “Dan Dan, is this stuff useful to you?”, She had barely finish speaking, when the huge egg’s golden light flickered excitedly, and soon all the things on the ground moved., Hexi was stupefied to the point of being speechless, it appeared that the pile of things had sufficient spiritual energy. The brilliantly shining flying sword and spirit stones, in the blink of an eye, became ash and fluttered down, in a flash turning into dust when her finger touched it., The huge egg hummed, “Mother, it’s very delicious, but I simply didn’t get to eat enough till I’m full. I still want more~”, Hexi sobered in a flash, looking at the scattered dust, she felt distressed., However, she was now penniless, and these things she had plundered from the fatty Zhu had now very possibly become her life saver. Dan Dan had easily consumed more than half the loot, this was simply…simply too painful for her., Seeing that golden light wanting to sweep clean the storage ring on her hand, Hexi quickly put the ring in her sleeve, and with a straight face said, “Dan Dan, before you get my permission, you are not allowed to devour any magical spirit treasures. If you aren’t obedient, I will not give you anything to eat, did you hear?”, The golden light twisted in the air, Dan Dan obviously unwilling, but it was still well behaved and agreed., Seeing Dan Dan agree, Hexi felt relieved and took out the remained items from the storage ring., There was only the palm sized hexagonal furnace, several magic pills with a sweet fragrance, piles of crystal stones, and two ordinary jade boxes., There was no flying sword or magic tools, there wasn’t even a piece of spirit stone, and as Hexi recalled that huge pile of treasures that was swept away by Dan Dan, she felt more distressed., Unfortunately, it’s too late to feel heartache now!, Hexi sighed while opening one of the jade boxes, inside she found a green plant, its dark green leaves somewhat wilted, however it still emitted a strong spiritual energy., “What is this?” Seemed like a spiritual plant, but she had never seen it before., “I know, I know!” Dan Dan rushed to say, “This is a Bodhi flower, blooms in a thousand years, bears fruit in a million years, the Bodhi fruit can help raise a soul’s power, it smells particularly good. But it is now still less than a hundred years, it’s a pity to consume it now. However, if mother plants this medicinal plant in this space, Dan Dan can eat a lot of spiritual power.”

Chapter end

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