Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 57 Hogwarts a Thousand Years Ago

Chapter 57 Hogwarts a Thousand Years Ago

While the Phoenix was fighting the basilisk, Ivan ran to the statue. Tom seemed to realize what he was going for so Tom cast a few spells towards Ivan, the few spells that Tom cast barely missed him.

Kill the mud blood, dont let him get near the statue, he is on your right, shouted Tom.

The basilisk ignored the Phoenix and pounced towards Ivan.

Ivan looked back and saw two gigantic, bloody eyes, come closer and closer.

Just as he thought he was going to be swallowed by a basilisk, Harry appeared between him and the basilisk, he threw his wand to the ground, gripped the sword in his hands tightly, his face was pale but it also showed he had the courage to face the basilisk.

The basilisk didnt notice Harry, and Riddle wanted to tell him but he was a moment too late.

Harry mercilessly stabbed the basilisk, leaving a deep wound where you could see bone, it was more damaging than all the previous spells combined.

The basilisk jumped back, a loud hissing sound filled the chamber, it twisted its body wildly, and it coiled around the pillars causing the whole chamber to shake.

Harry was flung and hit a wall causing him to lose conciseness.

The basilisk pounced towards Harry, it then went for the kill.

Fortunately, Fawkes flew up and stopped the basilisk and continued its assault on the basilisk.

Ivan didnt have time to focus on the fighting, he quickly climbed up the statue while struggling to escape the spells that Tom cast.

These spells were powerful, each spell that Tom cast caused stone to fly everywhere, the statue of Slytherin statue has become unrecognizable. But him casting and controlling the spells with a broken wand takes a lot of energy.

Damn it, damn it! Riddle threw Rons wand down.

Ivan saw him go to where Harry had thrown down his wand and pick it up.

Ivan climbed faster, he was so close to the diary, but Tom then cast a green colored spell, it was a lot thicker than before, Run! thought Ivan as he gritted his teeth and jumped up and grabbed the diary, he then threw his self towards Harry.

In the very next second, the green light struck him.

ViiSiit nvelb/n(.)c/()m for ltest vels


An excruciating pain spread throughout his entire body, Ivan heard Harry shout his name, he wanted to respond but he could feel his life fading, he only had a little strength left.

He fell down into the opened mouth of the Slytherin statue.

It was a dark, bottomless cavern, it devoured Ivan mercilessly.

With the little light that was left, Ivan saw the object that looked like a pocket watch fly out from his pocket, the pointer turned counterclockwise and whirled.

Ivan didnt know how many times it had spun, when the last glimmer of light disappeared, the luster in Ivans eyes soon followed.

He didnt know how much time had past, Ivan gently opened his eyes.

Is this the feeling of death, The chamber of secrets had not only become dark but it also became gradually clear.

No, this isnt the chamber of secrets!

Although the room was similar in size to the Chamber of secrets, it lacked the dreaded snake carvings on the pillars and the statue of Slytherin was nonexistent.

It was very messy, it looked like an enlarged version of Snapes office, there were a variety of herbs and magical potions, which were filled with colorful liquids and stuffed animals, it would make anyone feel happy.

Who are you to enter my room without permission?

Ivan saw a young man with black hair wearing dark green retro style wizard robes, he was unusually handsome and looked like a noble. The young wizard eyed Ivan with suspicion and wonder, he then pulled out a silver wand.

Hello my name is Ivan Masson, where is this..

Ivan was puzzled, he was in the Chamber of secrets, fighting Voldemort and the basilisk but now he was lying in a room with a wizard that he had never seen before.

Ivan is positive that the other person isnt a Hogwarts student or professor, no matter who, they always have a certain temperament.

It used to be my fathers castle but now its a magical school called Hogwarts, said the man slowly, My name is Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of this school.

Hearing his words left Ivan speechless.

Salazar Slytherin.

One of the four founders of Hogwarts, this young man, how can he be over a thousand years old while looking so young.

This chamber is my secret chamber so no one should know about it. said Salazar while carefully looking at Ivan with his eyes narrowed, and you just said your name is Ivan Masson, I have never heard of a wizarding family called Mason, are you a mud blood?

Under the icy gaze of the other, Ivan cautiously nodded, he saw the apparent disgust on Slytherins face.

For a moment Ivan felt a sense of danger from the other.

He was able to sense that this young man was powerful, he wasnt much different from Dumbledore or Voldemort. Ivan noticed that the room was decorated in a rugged medieval style.

This cant be Hogwarts a thousnad years ago, this unusually handsome young man cant be Salazar Slytherin himself.

Ivan felt his brain fry, he suddenly thought of the magical item that looked like a pocket watch, he touched his chest and it was still there.

Sir, I am a student at Hogwarts, I am from Gryffindor, said Ivan before Slytherin made him disappear.

Godricks student? Salazar looked at Ivan, Youre lying, Ive never seen you!

I, I did not lie to you, you havent seen me before because I came from Hogwarts a thousand years in the future. I dont know whats going on myself but I may have been brought here by this thing, said Ivan while showing the item that looked like a pocket watch.

A time turner, thats fascinating! said Salazar as he carefully looked at the pocket watch, It doesnt look like a typical time turner, there is strange magic on it, this has a very sophisticated design, it looks a bit like Rowenas work.

Seeing Slytherins expression, Ivan breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the other side finally believed him. Otherwise, he would have met a miserable fate, after a thousand years, Salazar was still feared, who knows how Salazar would have disposed of him.

Come with me, I will take you to see Godrick and Rowena. said Salazar with a glimmer in his eyes and a sneer on his face, If I learn that you lied to me, you will regret doing so.

Chapter end

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