Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 94: Filch’s Office

Chapter 94: Filch’s Office

He needs to rest. You three dont stay too long.

Madam Pomfrey looked at Evan, Ron, and Hermione with dissatisfaction; and she drew their attention to the water stains and mud falling down from their clothes.

Besides, I need one of you to come to get his nutritional supplements. This will help him regain his strength!

Ill come.

Evan saw that Ron had something to say to Harry and that he shouldnt make a girl do madam Pomfreys task. He rose and followed her out of the ward.

Did I actually see many Dementors? Harry whispered, but in his mind, he was thinking about the dogs appearance once again.

It was more than a hundred Dementors, Harry! said Hermione in a trembling voice. I was scared and I didnt know what to do. All I could think about was terrible things. But thanks to Evan and His Patronus, we were able to wake up

She suddenly thought of Evans Patronus which was exactly the same as the strange black cat she met at the Leaky Cauldron that night before the school started.

Would there be any connection between the two? Hermione remembered that Evan had told her himself, he learned Animagus in the summer vacation, but he always refused to tell her what his deformation form was. She was a little skeptical when she first met Evans Patronus on the train. It was too similar to the black cat she had seen before, and Evan was obstinate at the time. Is that strange black cat his Animagus form?!

Hermiones face instantly turned red as she remembered holding the cat in her arms.

God, if it is really true, that means she got undressed in front of Evan

OK, Hermione! Ron looked furious as he watched Hermione. He shouted, Evans Patronus was useless. It was Dumbledore who saved Harry and drove the Dementors away.

What Hermione yelled.

Everyone saw it, Evans Patronus rushed to those Monsters and they escaped and couldnt take it for more than seconds. Ron didnt look at Hermione and said to her, His Patronus was of no use at all. Harry finally fainted and we lost the game!

But it was Evans Patronus that brought courage and hope to everyone. All the others could release their Patronuses. I also released my complete Patronus for the first time, it was like an otter.

Dont you still understand?! Ron gasped. There were so many Dementors out there. If there werent Evans Patronus, maybe Diggory would have fainted too. If that happened, Gryffindor wouldnt have lost.

What are you talking about, Ron! Hermione said in surprise. If Evan did not gain time for Dumbledore, Harry would have fallen earlier from a higher distance!

When he saw Hermiones look, Ron became more and more irritated.

There was an inexplicable anger within his heart that he wanted to let go. He was at the Quidditch pitch as well and wand glow for a little while, then the light immediately disappeared.

It was far from being comparable to the complete Patronus of Evan, or even to that of Hermione.

This made him feel very uncomfortable. He shouted, He was more of a hindrance than a help, and nothing of all this would have happened if it was not for him. Percy was just slower than him

Okay, you two cant let me have some quiet for a bit! Harry whispered.

Rons voice went low and the room was embarrassingly silent.

Harry did not understand what happened between Ron and Hermione. It was weird that they did not care about his physical condition. Instead, they were discussing whether Evans Patronus played a role in saving him or not. In particular, the fact that they were talking in Evans back, made Harry feel bad.

Forget those damn Dementors. Did anyone get my Nimbus2000?

When they heard him, Ron and Hermione quickly glanced at each other.


What?! Harry suddenly had a bad feeling.

Oh, when you fell down, it was blown away. Hermione said hesitantly. Then it crashed and hit the Whomping Willow.

Harry felt anguish in his heart. He saw the Whomping Willow the last semester. It even shattered Mr. Weasleys car.

And then? Harry whispered, afraid to hear the answer.

Harry, you know that Whomping Willow, said Ron. It doesnt like anything bumping into it.

Professor Flitwick has just brought it back before you awoke. said Hermione in a low voice.

She slowly reached for her schoolbag at her feet and turned it upside down.

A dozen pieces of wood and debris from the brooms tail landed on the bed. That was the wreckage of Harrys defeated loyal Broomstick.

When Evan returned to the ward with nutrients, he saw that none of them was speaking. The atmosphere was terrible.

Harry sat in bed and stared at his broomstick fragments in a daze. Ron and Hermione also sat silently on the chairs as though they had just quarreled.

Dont be sad, Harry! said Evan, putting the potion on the table aside, comforting him and saying, You can use my Nimbus 2001. Ill give it to you. You know that thing is of no use to me.

After receiving the broomstick, Evan threw it under the bed. It hadnt been moved except for a few times when it was borrowed by Ron.

Thank you, Evan! I just Harry looked at the fragments of his Nimbus 2000 and didnt know what to say.

This broomstick was beyond repair. He should throw it. But Harry did not want to do that. He felt like he had lost one of his best friends.

By nine oclock in the evening, Evan, Ron, and Hermione left Harry.

They just came out of the school hospital, and Evan saw that Ron walked alone in the common room, without waiting for him and Hermione.

Whats the matter with him? Evan said.

Maybe the Dementors had an impact on him! Hermione didnt know what to say, nor did she know if she should tell him about what Ron said.

Then, when she thought of the black cat, Hermiones face suddenly turned red. She did not know whether to confirm it with Evan.

In case there was a misunderstanding, there should not necessarily be a link between the Patronus and the Animagus, and if so, wouldnt it be too embarrassing to ask?

Hermione thought for a moment that this matter should be a secret for a while, at least until she would find out the truth.

Wait, if the black cat is really Evan, what should she do?

Evan and Hermione walked back in silence. They had just turned the corner of the stairs on the second floor, and they saw Nearly Headless Nick suddenly coming in through the wall. His long hair was curled with a very stylish, plumed hat, wearing a knee-length tunic, with a wheel-shaped wrinkled collar.

Just like he was made out of thin cigarette smoke, Evan could look at the dark sky and heavy rain outside through his body.

Because Nick had often provided articles to the Hogwarts Magic News over the past year, Evan and Hermione became very familiar with him.

You are good! Nick said in a melancholy voice. I just heard what happened at the Quidditch pitch. Its terrible. Theres nothing wrong with Harry, is it?

He is fine. He has no choice but to accept reality, Hermione whispered. You know, this is his first Quidditch loss.

Yes, yes, Gryffindor is clearly the most powerful, but we always lose the game for a variety of reasons. Nick took a deep breath. This time it was because of Dementors. I had already been

Nicks words were not finished yet, and Evan saw a cat with yellow lamp-like eyes that suddenly came out from behind him and screeched.

It was Mrs. Norris, the dust-colored cat that was raised by the caretaker Filch and that served as his deputy in the never-ending battle between him and the students.

Youd better get out of here! Nick quickly said. Filch is not in a good mood. He caught a cold. When he was on the Quidditch pitch, someone turned his office upside down. Things were thrown everywhere. He is looking for the assailant in the castle.

Youre right! Evan pulled Hermione hurriedly up the stairs and was about to go to bed. He didnt want to be stopped by Filch and interrogated again.

But it was strange, who would go to Filchs office to make trouble?!

Fred and George may do this, but theyve just been in the Quidditch game and obviously didnt have time; Peeves is also possible, but it shouldnt be him, and its not his style to run away without bragging about his deeds.

In addition to them, who else would it be?!

Nick said that Filchs office has been turned upside down. Maybe someone wanted to find something in it. Filch had confiscated a lot of things from the students.Tp vl updates on n/(o)/v/lb/in(.)com

Chapter end

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