Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 477

Chapter 477


"Ah, what is this?"

Son OhGong complained.

As it wasn't the first time, Hercules ignored Son OhGong's reaction. There was still a long way to go.

"How far do we have to go?"

"You're being noisy."

Pandora covered her ears. In the long, empty cave, Son OhGong's voice resonated even louder.

"Ah, this is boring!"

"Should I cover his mouth?"

A sigh accompanied by murmurs came out.

Really, that guy didn't know how to stay still. Son OhGong only shut his mouth and became serious when it came to fighting.

Perhaps that's why...

Hercules would prefer something to happen rather than listen to Son OhGong's endless complaints.


'There's nothing.'

Inside the enormous cave separated from YuWon.

Inside that incredibly vast cave, nothing could be seen.

'Really nothing.'

In his heart, he thought it would be great to destroy everything.

If Son OhGong created clones and extended the Ru Yi Bang, even if the cave was gigantic, it wouldn't be that difficult to destroy it.

But he couldn't do that.

'After all, it's beneath Nibelung.'

Above, there was the gigantic guild and kingdom of Nibelung.

If he brought it down hastily, everyone would die.


'I'm still not sure.'

YuWon said that here was the gigantic Outer called Ubbo-Sathla.

But Hercules still couldn't believe it.

A giant kingdom boasting thousands of years of history. And beneath that, an existence that came from outside the Tower and was sleeping.

He couldn't do anything until he confirmed its existence.

Hercules raised his head.

'Of course... his role is more important now.'

On the surface.

Probably at this moment, YuWon would be moving.

The King of Nibelung.

A Rank 19 High-Ranker leading a gigantic guild.

What kind of work is he doing here? And who is he really?

Was The Dragon War really caused by Siegfried's revenge?

YuWon moved to find out.

Siegfried provided YuWon with a secure room in the castle.

It was a dazzling room to the point that the eyes hurt. Decorated with gold and expensive tapestries. Lodging befitting a king.

Though only for a moment, YuWon spent a luxurious afternoon there.

Unknown fruits and foods, servants in numbers more than ten.

After bathing in warm water, YuWon, lying on the bed for a moment, finally enjoyed a rest after a long time.

'More luxurious than I thought.'

Among his companions, Siegfried had the image of being a fair and upright inspector.

But by personally coming to Nibelung, he was much more of a king than YuWon thought.


While lying on the bed and chewing on an almond, YuWon waited for more time to pass.

That's when dinner time approached.

"His Majesty invites you to the table."

The table prepared while he waited.

As the servants opened the door, Siegfried, who was already waiting inside with a long table, became visible.


"It's quite luxurious for a meal."


As soon as YuWon sat down, he stabbed the fork into the meat.

Among steaks, smoked meats, soup, vegetables, the number of foods on the table was enough to easily have twenty varieties.

Literally, a feast. To eat all this, he would even need to bring Son OhGong.

Moreover, Siegfried, whom YuWon knew, wasn't the type to eat much.

"This is what it takes to win your heart."VSit no(v)3lb/!n(.)cm for new ovl

"I don't like those kinds of compliments."

"What can I do. Right now, I have to show off in front of you."

"Are you saying it sarcastically?"


YuWon cut a piece of steak and brought it to his mouth. The blade was shorter than what he usually used, so it felt a bit uncomfortable.

He looked at the silver cup containing red wine. In the cup, Siegfried's image was reflected.

This was a date that Siegfried had arranged for him.

The sole purpose was one.

To get YuWon to join his side for the War between Men and Dragons, The Dragon War.

"Do you like the dish? Does it suit your taste?"

"It's a luxurious meal like few I've had."

"I'm glad to hear that. I put in a little effort."

"Will you tell me the reason for this date?"

"The Dragon War..."

Suddenly, Siegfried seemed uncomfortable saying those words. He repeated them several times inside.

However, it seemed he was satisfied with the name, so he nodded.

"So, how do you know that I'm trying to fight against the Dragons?"

"Knowing that is the reason I'm here."

"It's an extravagant argument, but somehow convincing."

After ascending the Tower for several years, YuWon became a High-Ranker, and now he was one of the indisputable rulers of the Tower, having reached fourth place in the rankings.

His position now rivaled that of the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven.

He was already a monster who had destroyed the Tower's ecosystem, and nothing seemed more astonishing than YuWon's presence.

"Any other questions? Nothing else to say?"

"What is really your wish?"

Siegfried's gaze landed on the food set on the table.

"Though I'm trying to persuade you, it seems you won't be easily convinced. Your attitude is like that."

"Is it that noticeable?"

"You had no intentions of hiding it from the beginning, so it was something obvious."

Words flew like swords across the table.

Before, they didn't get along, but they weren't that much enemies either.

But this was how it had become.

'Is it because he's trying to be cautious and friendly at the same time?'

This situation was a bit bitter, but he still had to know.


Is there a snake living inside him, or not?


[The 'Golden Cinder Eyes' reveal the truth.]

['Siegfried' suspects the 'Golden Cinder Eyes'.]


Siegfried's hand, which was cutting meat, stopped.

YuWon's eyes turned red.

Those eyes pierced him. An unpleasant sensation enveloped him, and his Arcane Power activated on its own.

The knife moved again.

"Your eyes are unique."

Swoosh, swoosh-.

The knife's cut continued again.

He could have asked what the hell he was doing, but Siegfried didn't.

Instead, he chose to openly resist the gaze of YuWon's Golden Cinder Eyes.

If you can read me, read me.

Siegfried seemed to be saying that.

"Why do you hate Dragons?"

Siegfried's plate shattered at YuWon's question.

It was a question that had never been answered in the past.

The Dragon War took place in Nibelung. If the reason was simply a fight for territory, he didn't know, but from this point, Siegfried had been planning to confront the Dragon race.

Then the story changes.

Why he was planning to fight against the Dragons?

"Who ordered you to do it?"


As if he was saying what nonsense, he shook his head. And Siegfried's reaction prompted a response in YuWon's Golden Cinder Eyes.

The Golden Cinder Eyes didn't show significant changes.

The reaction was genuine. Unless Siegfried was deceiving the Golden Cinder Eyes...

'It's not Foolish Chaos behind this...'

Although the situation was a bit bitter, he still needed to know.


There was still much to discover about him.

"So, why? Why do you hate Dragons so much?"

"I loathe them."


"Do I have to say that too?"

"If you say it, I might be willing to help you."


Without waiting for a response, a curse came out of his mouth.

Since the story about the Dragons emerged, Siegfried began to show such intense reactions.

The assumption was quite obvious.

Why he was doing this.

"They destroyed my people."

YuWon's face recalled a person.


A High-Ranker who, upon learning that his tribe had been annihilated by the Dragon race, relentlessly hunted them.

Although he was raised by the Dragon race, he didn't stop seeking revenge. Siegfried also had similar reasons for seeking revenge.

"So, you founded a country here."

"What I'm fighting for is not for an individual but for an entire race. I need power."

"Nibelung was a country created to fight against the Dragon race, right?"

The disappearance of the Dragon race happened twice.

The first reason was Indra. Known as the Dragon Slayer, he bravely died after bringing down countless Dragon wings.

It was just as Siegfried said.

An individual couldn't defeat an entire race. It would probably be the same even for the current YuWon.

That's why he built Nibelung on this land. And he became the King.

"In the 91st floor lie the Dragons. If we don't want them to take this land from us, something is sure to happen when they awaken."

"Are you saying you settled here on purpose?"

"Anyway, it's land we'll be driven out of. Thanks to me, this world has gained power, and I've created a country that can fight against them. It's a story where no one comes out harmed."

He was saying he was innocent because the humans who would one day be driven out by the Dragons had gathered around him.

In reality, he led humans to victory by cutting the neck of Fafnir, the leader of the Dragons.

For that act, Siegfried was revered as the hero of The Dragon War.


'The problem is that this is no different from the Great Heaven Demon War.'

YuWon, who was lost in thought for a moment, looked at the half-eaten meat on the plate.

Behind The Dragon War, there is no one else. However, it was Siegfried who planned and led that war.

'In the end, it seems there's no choice but to create a game board...'

"What are you thinking?"

The expressions were mutual, and Siegfried asked.


YuWon completely left the utensil in his hand. And what he held again was the Player Kit.

"What is this?"

"I know it's not a good time to break etiquette, but it's an urgent matter."

Tick, tick, tick-.

He sent a message somewhere. Watching how his fingers moved, Siegfried struggled internally.

Should he stop him, or should he watch as he sends a message to someone obviously different while dining with him?

The decision on his dilemma was not made immediately. In the meantime, YuWon's message was sent.

"It's over."

"To whom did you send it?"

"Someone will receive it. We can worry about that later; for now, let's focus on the food. It got cold while we were talking."

That said, YuWon started eating again.

Siegfried, who lost words at his audacity, smiled bitterly and started eating again just like YuWon.

Then, suddenly...


Normally, it would have been said "Don't worry about it" in this case. However, YuWon stopped the conversation with the words "later."

As if something was going to happen soon, so he should fill his stomach now.

The meal continued in silence. When the meal was almost finished, with a fruit as the last, YuWon finally spoke up.

"You said your wish was to fight against the Dragon race, right?"


Suddenly, Siegfried didn't understand what he was talking about.

In an instant, Siegfried's mind remembered the message YuWon had sent a moment ago.

Where was that message sent?

"What about now?"


"I'm sorry in advance. Even if you don't like it, there's probably no other option."


A thunderous sound.

When Siegfried's gaze turned to the window...

"The important thing is not who I sent the message to."

Sun OhGong's clone, sitting on the windowsill, smiled as he twirled the Ruyi stick the size of a toothpick in his hand.

"It's who, and what I've brought."


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