Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 482

Chapter 482



The goat's bleat shook the sky.

The ground collapsed, and the Madness of the Goat spread throughout the Tower. Son OhGong, who flew into the sky on the Flying Nimbus, turned his head.

"This is..."

The Goat Who Gives Birth to Madness.

That was a name from Shub-Niggurath.

Son OhGong did not participate in the fight against Shub-Niggurath. Therefore, his reaction was even more intense to the sound of the goat's bleat.


"It's not the time to worry about that."

With a snap, YuWon grabbed Son OhGong's shoulders and turned his gaze towards him.

Although he had a somewhat dissatisfied expression, Son OhGong soon submitted. On the other hand, Hercules was riding on a Nimbus Cloud made by the clones, arms crossed calmly but fists somewhat clenched.

It can't be, he thought, but instantly couldn't help it.

It was seen that his shoulders were trembling slightly.

'Has he noticed?'

Hercules also had the power of Lightning Bolt.

He probably knew who was fighting there.

However, the fact that he was standing with his arms crossed was probably because...

'Is he holding himself back from not running away at any moment?'

For a moment, YuWon looked down at the land that had been destroyed by Hercules.

Under the destroyed ground...

He felt something wriggling.

And in the next moment...


YuWon's Golden Cinder Eyes shone brightly.

"It's coming."

Just one word. That word put everyone on edge.



Under the collapsed ground...

Along with the sensation of numerous movements...


A giant purple column rose upward. The impact shook the earth, and the Nibelung knights scattered around shouted in surprise.

"Evade it!"

"Something's coming!"

Or rather...

It has already come.


Due to the enormous entity that rose into the sky, Nibelung's land began to collapse.

It wasn't just because of the club swung by Hercules.

Due to the being that woke up due to that impact, the land was sinking deeply.

Not only that...



Under the collapsed ground, beings appeared that were human but not human, or monsters but looked human.

Giant tentacles whose length couldn't be measured appeared. To the Nibelung knights observing the scene, it looked like a wave.




After the appearance of Shub-Niggurath, the name "Outers" had spread among the Rankers.

Moreover, purple became their symbolic color.

The difference between the known and the unknown was vast. Fortunately, the Nibelung knights, one by one, noticed the presence of the enemy, overcame their surprise, and prepared for battle.


The Outers emerging from under Nibelung's land.

And something gigantic covering the sky, blocking the sun.

The Nibelung knights, looking up, murmured tense.

"There was something like this under the land we were standing on...!"

An island rising towards the sky.

No, it wasn't an island.

It looked like a gigantic whale.

A gigantic flying whale, covering the sky as if it were an ocean, swimming through the clouds. It was so gigantic that it made the countless Dragons look like small worms.


With the name "Amorphous Idiot," an Outer.

That's what was under the ground and came out.

"It's growing..."

And at that moment...



Son OhGong announced the start of the fight.

The Nibelung knights, watching in amazement, looked towards where the Ru Yi Bang rose.

The Ru Yi Bang flew towards Ubbo-Sathla.

Furthermore, along with them, the Dragons bared their fangs at Ubbo-Sathla, who invaded their territory.




And the clones of Son OhGong.

As they began the attack, the Nibelung knights also raised their swords towards the Outers who were with Ubbo-Sathla, and the mages started casting spells.


Boom, clang!

Thousands of Rankers.

And thousands of Dragons.

In response to the appearance of the common enemy, the two factions that would have attacked each other in The Dragon War now joined forces.


A huge whale stirred the sky.

Watching that spectacle for a moment, YuWon was lost in thought.

'So this is how it looked.'

Ubbo-Sathla.Expplre ptodte stories at no/el//bin(.)cm

It was the third time they encountered him.

Once in the future.

And another time when he obtained the title of "Otherworld Adversary" in the 100-layer trial.

["Otherworld Adversary" faces "Ubbo-Sathla."]

["Otherworld Adversary" confronts the uncomfortable truth of the other world.]

Third time.

Definitely not a chance encounter.

Therefore, YuWon's suspicion about Ubbo-Sathla grew even more.

Why did the System decide to test his ability to defeat it?

The Otherworld Sword.

The Otherworld Adversary.

And now, also Danpung.

Why did all these things keep appearing over and over again when he returned to the past?

He wasn't the type to believe in fate so easily.

But when these kinds of coincidences piled up again and again, even those who didn't believe inevitably had to.

"What are you doing?"

Son OhGong grabbed YuWon's shoulder and shook him.

It was then that YuWon finally regained his senses and nodded.

"I leave the outside to you."

"I'm still not happy with that. Why not them instead of me?"

"Because you're probably better at fights with multiple opponents."

With pursed lips, Son OhGong had been reacting that way since the first conversation.

Fortunately, at least in the fight against the Outers, he didn't object either.

Son OhGong would handle the outside.

And inside Ubbo-Sathla, it was planned for YuWon, Hrcules, and Pandora to enter.

"Lend us your Flying Nimbus."


Under YuWon's feet, a cloud appeared.

The same happened under the feet of Hercules, who still had his arms crossed, and under Pandora's feet.

"Travel comfortably. Try to return as quickly as possible, and have fun only among yourselves."

With those words...



When Son OhGong snapped his fingers, the three on the Flying Nimbus flew in the same direction.

Towards the immense mouth of Ubbo-Sathla.

Seeing the three people move like that, Son OhGong opened his still prominent mouth and growled.

"Envious, I envy it."

After murmuring that, Son Goku's gaze turned to the Outers fighting against the Nibelung knights.

The minions of the Outers splitting a Name into dozens or hundreds of pieces.

They were like parasites of Ubbo-Sathla.

Although the size or the Name was not small, they were not impressive either.

"Well. Let's be satisfied with this for today."

At a glance, OhGong's red eyes turned towards the sky, hidden by Ubbo-Sathla's body.


There's no need to rush too much now.

In the future, there will be an even bigger fight. And then, I can fight until my body breaks again.


Riding on the Flying Nimbus, YuWon, Hrcules, and Pandora quickly lit a torch in the dark cave.


A sphere of Lightning Bolt rose above the heads of the three.

Watching the sphere created by Hercules, YuWon admired quietly.

"It seems you've gotten quite used to it, huh?"

Aside from using his physical strength, seeing him use Lightning Bolt in this way was new.

"This is much easier than wrapping it in your fist."


"Sure. Do you know the way?"

YuWon nodded.

He remembered the way quite roughly. Since he had already traveled it twice, it shouldn't be very different overall.

"We probably just have to go straight for a while."

"It shouldn't be difficult."

"Yeah. It shouldn't be difficult."

On the Flying Nimbus, YuWon would need Hercules' help in the fight against Ubbo-Sathla. To find its core, they would have to move in different directions, but now they didn't have the time or the capacity to do that.

"Then let's hurry. There's nothing good in lingering."

Unusually, Hercules took the lead and started moving.

The arms that had been tying his trembling body had already loosened. It seemed like he was a bit impatient.

And perhaps the reason is Zeus, who was fighting outside.

Thus, the three moved following Ubbo-Sathla's nest.



A punch extending in a straight line.

The Outers coming out of the nest were torn to pieces.

It wasn't necessary to use the club he held in his hand.

YuWon, standing a step behind, had nothing special to do.

Pandora wasn't doing anything either.

'I think now I know why Zeus was so obsessed with completing Hercules.'

The Gintomaquy/Gigantomachy.

Zeus strove for the completion of Hercules even during that great war.

Hercules using the power of Lightning Bolt was not in YuWon and his companions' plans.

But now, seeing Hercules use the power of Lightning Bolt to defeat the Outers, he thought that Zeus's effort was not in vain.

It was comforting to see Hercules conquer the nest with the power of Lightning Bolt.

Craaack, crunch~

So once again.

Hercules, who had suppressed the Outers like parasites inside the nest, asked, "What if we destroy it from the inside?"

Apparently, they hadn't discussed this option before.

In response to Hercules' question, YuWon looked at the distant wall behind him.

They were approaching the destination.

"It's not possible to capture it until we break the slab."

"Have you tried?"

"It's something that doesn't even break with Gungnir. Not only is it impossible to destroy from the inside, but it's also impossible to pierce it from the outside."

"So in the end, the only option is to destroy that slab you mentioned."

"Yes, that's right. But..."

YuWon's gaze turned to Pandora, who was right behind him.

So far, they had come here somehow. If they managed to find and destroy the slab that was like the heart of Ubbo-Sathla, they would have achieved their goal.

But if the goal was only that, it wasn't necessary to bring Pandora to this dangerous place.


Faced with YuWon's prolonged silence after Hercules' question, Pandora blinked and smiled.

It was an expression that asked why he was looking at her like that.

YuWon looked back at the wall in front of him.

How they had come back to this place again. Although the method to conquer Ubbo-Sathla was known, simply killing it wasn't enough to satisfy them.


YuWon silently prayed.

If there really is something like fate.

And if that fate chose him as the true Otherworld Adversary.

'She should be able to read it.'

He had no choice but to hope that Pandora could read the language that no one else had read.


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