Martial God Asura – Chapter 34 Stunning Everyone

Chapter 34 Stunning Everyone

MGA: Chapter 34 Stunning Everyone

The chance has finally come.

Seeing that Chu Fengs opponent was Chu Xun, the depression of the Chu family male was instantly swept away into the air. Replacing it was an extremely happy face.

Obviously, he knew what kind of strength Chu Xun had. He was in the 5th level of the Spirit realm, and he was able to be in the top 5 in the Chu familys young generation.

After seeing Chu Xuns confrontation against Chu Feng, he could tell that the two of them were not on kind terms. Chu Xun would certainly not concede, so he was sure that Chu Feng would lose.

Ahh, do you all dare to bet more? That Chu family male yelled his throat out.

Of course, but do you still have money? The people that won all the silvers from the Chu family male laughed and said.

Hmph. Are you looking down on me? The male coldly said that and took out two Saint Spirit Grasses from his pocket, As long as you dare, then I will play with you until the end.

Seeing the Saint Spirit Grasses in his hand, a lot of the surrounding ground were speechless. Saint Spirit Grass was a high quality spiritual medicine, and one of them could sell for a tael of gold. That was equivalent to 100 taels of silver!

Seeing that the Chu family male took out 2 in one go, many people werent even qualified to bet with him. But, by simply looking at his bet, he was confident that he would win.

That was why a lot of people envied him but didnt dare to bet with him. It was because a lot of people couldnt afford to lose such a huge wager.

You are quite bold. Ill play with you one more time. But that big person actually took out 2 Saint Spirit Grasses and showed it in front of the Chu family males face.

Heh, nice. Seeing that, the Chu family male was extremely pleased. The pit that the big person dug was not shallow and the chance for revenge was right in front of his eyes.

Quickly look, the shows going to start. Just at that time, someone loudly yelled out.

Looking on the stage, Chu Xun already started the fierce attacks towards Chu Feng.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Chu Xun arrived in front of Chu Feng and attacked with both his fists but didnt use his feet. One attack was faster than the other, and one fist came right after the other.

Wind was created from the punches of his fists and they were not ordinary attacks. It was a fierce boxing technique, a rank 2 martial skill.

Chu Feng swayed left and right away from the attacks that were like the howling wind and storm. He was hiddenly surprised that Chu Xun was able to use the rank 2 skill to that proficiency. It was not injustice that Chu Yue lost.

Sadly, skills like these to him were like a hundred loopholes that couldnt take even one hit.

*ta* Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped his retreating steps and didnt dodge anymore. He was just silently waiting for Chu Xuns attack to come.

Good chance. Seeing that, Chu Xun even thought that Chu Feng made a mistake. He clenched his fist and started to throw his punch towards Chu Fengs face.

At that instant, the people who worried for Chu Feng dripped a drop of cold sweat. They were afraid that Chu Feng wouldnt be able to take that attack because if you were a human, you could feel that Chu Xuns power in his punch was not little.

As for the people who hated Chu Feng, they were rejoicing. They had been waiting for that instant for way too long and they wanted Chu Xun to kill Chu Feng with that one punch.

But of course, Chu Feng was going to disappoint those people!


Suddenly, Chu Feng yelled out and boundless pressure exploded out from his body. His one punch was like lightning and it went straight towards Chu Xuns punch.

*crack* The two fists collided, and the sound of bones breaking resonated.

Ah! At the same time, Chu Xun cried out and he hugged his own right arm. He rolled down the stage and starting howling in pain.

6th level, Spirit realm At that instant, be it outside or inside the training ground, everyone was shocked.

Even Chu Yuanba couldnt help but widen his eyes and surprise surged onto his face.

As for Chu Fengs father Chu Yuan, he suddenly stood up and his body trembled emotionally.

In the instant that Chu Feng attacked, almost everyone could feel that Chu Fengs pressure was a genuine 6th level of the Spirit realm.

How did this happen? Wasnt Chu Feng the trash of the Chu family? How can he have the power of the 6th level? Isnt he the same as Chu Guyu and Chu Hongfei? Within the crowds of the Chu family, voices of shock endlessly resounded. They could not possibly accept that.

Chu Feng, he...

Actually, even Chu Yue, Chu Wei, Chu Xue, Chu Cheng, Chu Zhen, Chu Gao and the others...The people from the Azure Dragon School were also shocked.

They knew that Chu Feng was extremely strong, as he could kill 40 Fierce Beasts by himself and became the fierce person that was #1 in the inner court disciple exam.

But they only guessed that Chu Feng had the power of the 5th level of the Spirit realm. They never would have thought that he was on the 6th level.

6th level, Spirit realm. In his generation, he could already be considered to be a genius. Chu Feng was only 15 that year, and being on the 6th level of the Spirit realm at the age of 15 meant that he had unlimited potential.


Not only did the Chu family sigh, the entire martial arts training ground yelled in surprised as they were stunned by Chu Fengs strength.

A 15 year old that was on the 6th level of the Spirit realm appeared in the Chu family. It was an explosive news, and in a way, Chu Fengs strength was even more shocking than Chu Guyus and Chu Hongfeis.

After all, Chu Feng was a good 2 years younger than the two of them. In the time of 2 years, with Chu Fengs strength, it was not impossible for him to break through into the 7th level of the Spirit realm.

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Genius. Its a real genius. The Chu family was hiding such a genius. Its really hard to believe it.

It seems that the Chu family have a qualified successor, and the talented people appear from talented people. Their future achievements will not only be limited to this little Leaning Mountain Town.

The people from different powers admired endlessly. The future of the Chu family was showed by Chu Fengs and the others performance. But their own family did not have such an excellent young generation.

So he had that kind of strength. The Chu Guyu who was still on the stage was also attracted by Chu Fengs power. Unconcealable happiness surged onto his face.

How is that possible..How did this happen...This...this...this is simply...

But compared to the shock of other people, in a certain area, a Chu family male sat on the ground limply.

In that instant, he finally knew why Chu Xue, Chu Gao, Chu Cheng, and Chu Zhen would continuously concede. They did not do that randomly. It was because they already knew that Chu Feng had that absolute power.

Thanks a lot. That big person walked over and took the 2 Saint Spirit Grasses away.

Seeing that his Saint Spirit Grasses were taken by someone, the Chu family male had a lifeless look in his eyes as if he was completely disheartened.

Suddenly, he moved his arms and slapped his own face two times then yelled in a low voice, Idiot.

The surrounding people could understand his movements. Although there were no poor people here, they were not extremely rich people either. Having 2 Saint Spirit Grasses taken away was a huge blow to anyone.

Understanding was understanding, but no one sympathized for him. As a senior in the Chu family, he slandered a person of the young generation from the same family. In the eyes of others, it was called reaping what he sown. Well deserved.

People outside of the training grounds were yelling because of Chu Fengs strength. At that time, he already stepped onto another stage.

But, in that instant, Chu Fengs face was very ugly. It was because his opponent in front of his eyes was his elder brother, Chu Guyu.

Chapter end

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