Martial God Asura – Chapter 94 Morality and Ability

Chapter 94 Morality and Ability

MGA: Chapter 94 Morality and Ability

That person was certainly in the Profound realm. Or else with Gao Les cultivation, it would be impossible for him to be killed instantly by someone, not to mention that it was under the situation of pressure. Liu Bing said while trembling in fear and her face was full of panic.

On that day, when she and Gao Le discovered that something was wrong, to avoid Leng Wuzuis punishment, they chose to continue chasing after Chu Feng. While they were resting on the road, Gao Le went to relieve himself. However, before leaving for long, Liu Bing felt an extremely strong energy ripple and the direction was where Gao Le was.

Liu Bing listened as she went over, but she discovered that Gao Le had already died. It was the same as the Zhao Shi brothers. There were not any injuries on the surface but his organs were already shattered. It was clear that he died from overwhelming pressure.

So, Liu Bing did not dare to continue chasing and instead, she escaped back as fast as she could and told Leng Wuzui everything. At that moment, her opponent was not someone who she could take care of.

It seems that I underestimated that Chu Feng.

Leng Wuzui sank into deep thought and Liu Bing was standing where she was while using that fearful gaze to look at Leng Wuzui. She did not dare to say half a word and it could be seen that she was really afraid of Leng Wuzui.

Liu Bing, I will personally take care of this issue. Take a rest. Suddenly, Leng Wuzui took out a little white-jade bottle from his Cosmos Sack and gave it to Liu Bing.

Thank you. Seeing the white-jade bottle, Liu Bing rejoiced and quickly took it. Without even thinking, she opened the top of the bottle and finished all the liquid contents in one go.

Liu Bing, does the antidote taste different this time? Liu Wuzui stood up with his hands behind his back and used a strange gaze to stare at Liu Bing. On the corner of his mouth, there was even a dark and cold smile.

The taste this time seems to be a bit sweeter. Liu Bing wiped the corner of her lip, but suddenly, her face changed greatly as she pointed at Leng Wuzui and yelled, You...You...You...


Very quickly, Liu Bing could not say anything. Her face changed from pale to green, from green to purple and her body started to emit white-coloured steam. She stuffed her hand into her throat as if wanting to dig the liquid back out. However, nothing was rewarded for her actions.

No use in keeping you if you only do detrimental work. Seeing Liu Bing who was in pain, there was not a trace of sympathy on Leng Wuzuis face. Only when Liu Bing fell on the floor and breathed no more did he have hint of cold smile on his face.

Intentionally letting her back to report so I know the difficulties to force me to retreat? Interesting. I would really like to know what person is playing around with me and whether you can protect Chu Feng or not.

Thinking to there, Leng Wuzui walked in front of a desk, took out paper and started to write. On that letter, it wrote: My lord father, I have difficulties in the Azure Dragon School. Could you send out our ancestor Leng to solve this trouble?

Time elapsed, and with a blink, 2 days passed. It was the day where the Chu family invited all sorts of powers within the mountain area.

Outside of the Leaning Mountain Town, the heads of the Wu, Ma, and Wang family were still hung there. Even with a single glance it was terrifying.

Within the Leaning Mountain Town, in the middle of the martial arts training ground, there were banquets everywhere to welcome the guests coming from various places.

Although happiness and smiles were on their faces while everyone drank and chatted merrily, the atmosphere was slightly off.

After all, the Chu family excavating the black iron mine already shook the entire mountain area. The Chu familys battle between the Xu, Wang, and Ma family also spread out quite thoroughly.

The Chu family being able to fight against three families yet not lose while also beheading the family masters of the 3 Origin realm people showed that the Chu familys strength was the strongest in the entire mountain area.

When the Chu family sent out invitation towards various powers for a banquet, those who had eyes could see what the Chu family planned. So, that was why although everyone were all smiles, in reality, they were not willing to come in their heart. The reason that they did was only because they were afraid of the Chu family.

Why is Chu Yuanba not here? On such an important day, shouldnt Chu Yuanba be hosting this?

Chu Yuanba is indeed strong. He could defeat those three people all by himself. However, since he has not shown his face today, I would think that he was heavily injured so it would not be good for him to show himself.

You are correct. My guess is exactly the same. But, if only Chu Yuan is here, could he control the scene? After all, there are the existences of the Origin realm within the people who came here right?

I believe, in the necessary times, Chu Yuanba would show himself. Without absolute certainty, the Chu family would not invite everyone to this place. Its just that, who is that young man? How can he sit on such an important position?

As everyone discussed, some people pointed their fingers towards Chu Feng who was next to Chu Yuan. Although Chu Fengs name already became known everywhere, there were indeed some people who did not see Chu Feng before.

Thats the genius of the Chu family, Chu Feng. Looking at his clothes, he should have already become a core disciple. That is really quite impressive.

That means the Azure Dragon Banner is real? No wonder. No wonder the Chu family would have such a huge movement. With the protection of the Azure Dragon Banner, there really arent people that would dare to touch the Chu family in the mountain area.

That may not be so. Although the strength of the Wang, Xu, and Ma family has been greatly wounded, within the mountain area, there is still the Li family and the Zhao family. Their strength arent any weaker than the Xu family before and today, those two Origin realm family masters have arrived.

If the Chu family was only displaying their might to tell others not to even think about the black iron mine then that would be fine. However, if the Chu family wants to unite the mountain area and lead it themselves, Im afraid many powers will not agree to it. If we all join hands, I believe that the Chu family would have a headache.

People were guessing the goal of the banquet and may powers already hiddenly got news. If the Chu family really wanted to unite the powers within the mountain range, then they would join hands and resist.

Father, its about time to start. Chu Feng shot a glance to Chu Yuan.

Mm. Chu Yuan stood up and said in a loud and clear voice, First of all, thank you everyone for coming here and joining this banquet.

Im sure many know that 2 days ago, my Chu family met with a calamity. Three big families surrounded and attacked my Chu family because they wanted to rob my Chu familys property. But regrettfully, they paid the price for their own wickedness.

Although my Chu family was victorious in this battle, many of the towns citizens were harmed and many families had been met with misfortune. This made me think over it. In the mountain area, the many powers are sharing the mountain areas resources. We should originally be like a family so how could we kill one another?

At the end, I thought of the solution. The so-called without a compass and a set square, circumferences cannot be made. I feel like, in the mountain area, we should have some rules and the rules would be maintained by everyone.

[TN: The character compass and set square forms the word rule.]

After that, Chu Yuan stated some of the so-called rules. But in reality, it was to restrict the development of various powers so that the Chu family would have the most benefits.

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Suddenly, a table was shattered by a hit. A 9-foot, dark-skinned, big person with sideburns across his face stood up, pointed at Chu Yuan and loudly yelled,

Chu Yuan, you want to unite us? What morality and ability do you have to do that?

Chapter end

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