Martial God Asura – Chapter 109 - Im Really Strong

Chapter 109 - Im Really Strong

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Its you?

Chu Feng was greatly alarmed. With a whoosh, he leapt several meters back.

After pulling apart the distance between the girl, Chu Feng used his Spirit power to observe the cultivation of the girl. However, he discovered that she had a normal aura and she did not seem to be a person who cultivated.

He still did not dare to have any trace of carelessness. Although she was absolutely beauty and seemed completely harmless, she was not human. She was a World Spirit. A monster that did not need to eat nor drink and could wait in Chu Fengs Spirit world for 15 years. Only the heavens knew how she did that.

Haha, am I that scary? Seeing Chu Fengs fearful look, the girl covered her mouth with her hand and giggled.

You were toying around with me? Seeing the girl who rocked back and forth from laugher, Chu Feng frowned and felt that he might have been tricked.

What would I toy you for? Dont I look that strong? Ill warn you, you better not anger me or else Ill eat you.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Chu Fengs shot forward and he arrived behind the girl like lightning. Both of his hands suddenly stretched out, grabbed the girls wrist, put them behind her back, and he pushed her onto the ground.

Ahh, what are you doing? Let me go!!!

The girl panicked. As she sharply cried, she struggled. However, her tiny bit of strength was simply insignificant to Chu Feng and it did nothing.

You stinking Eggy, you were tricking me. Seeing that the girl really did not have any cultivation, Chu Fengs tense heart finally calmed down.

Bastard. Release me or else I will not forgive you.

Oh? You still dare to resist? If I dont give you a lesson, you really wont know whos the master here! In the heat of the moment, Chu Feng raised his hand and patted towards the girls well developed bottom.

Ahh~~~~~~ When Chu Fengs hand just went down, a sky and ground shaking cry rang out.

Originally, Chu Feng only wanted to give the girl a lesson and pat once. However, he didnt control it well and the pat turned into a grab.

Although it did not seem significant, the feeling was amazing. Although it was separated by the black feather skirt skirt, it still felt like he touched her smooth and soft skin. Within softness was flexibility, and within flexibility was softness. It simply heated his entire body in fire. He wished to stop yet could not and Chu Feng couldnt bear to let go.

Bastard. You dare to take advantage of me. I will kill you! The girl was completely enraged. Her snow-white face reddened like a ripe apple. Within her eyes, the fires of anger flared and it was as if they were almost going to spray out.

A mistake. That was absolutely a mistake. It was not intentional.

Chu Feng was still young and being looked at like that by the girl, he felt slightly embarrassed and he released his hands with a red face.

Ill kill you. Just as he let go, the girl suddenly spun around, and with bared fangs and claws, she leapt towards Chu Feng with steaming bloodlust.

Seeing that, Chu Feng panicked a bit. In the instant that he met the girls eyes, he felt a dangerous aura and he subconsciously extended his hands and grabbed on her wrists again. He then pushed her down once again, but he used too much force, and like a hungry tiger leaping towards food, he pushed his entire body down along with hers.

Ahh~~~~~You bastard, what do you want to do with me?!

At that instant, the girl loudly cried because as she was pushed down by Chu Feng, she felt an abnormal object towering over her. She thought of something instantly and she was deeply afraid that Chu Feng would do anything bad to her so she could only go for the pitiful and weak plan.

Ehh....Sorry, natural reactions.

Chu Feng also reacted and he knew that unintentionally, he did a shameful thing. He quickly shifted away from her, however, both of his hands were still pressed on the girl and he was afraid she would leap towards him again.

Bastard. No one has ever dared to treat me like this. You are dead! Just as Chu Feng shifted away, the girl bellowed again and it could be seen that Chu Feng really touched the bottom line.

You stinking Eggy. You really bully the weak and are afraid of the strong. I give you some face just now yet you dare to threaten me. Do you believe that if you dare to threaten me again, Ill take you down?

Chu Feng menaced with malicious words. However, the current Chu Feng didnt even dare to look straight into the eyes of the girl because after doing all that, Chu Fengs body really heated up and he almost lost control.

If it wasnt because he worried about her not being human and the possible detrimental effects after doing certain male and female things, perhaps Chu Feng really would had pressed the girl down and felt the wonderful taste of woman.

You dare? If you dare to do those things to me, I will self-explode and bring you down with me. The girl grinded her teeth and within her eyes, they were filled with resolute determination.

I was joking. You should understand that, I, Chu Feng, am not those kinds of people.

Seeing that, Chu Feng lacked some confidence. Although the girl really did not have any cultivation, he felt that she was not joking so he could only let her go while laughing softly.

*amm* Just at that time, the girl grabbed Chu Fengs arm and took a huge bite.

Seeing that, Chu Feng originally wanted to yell out loud because it looked like she really would have bit off a chunk of meat. However, after biting down, Chu Feng completely relaxed.

The girl did not have any cultivation, and after all, Chu Feng was at the 8th level of the Spirit realm. Because of the Divine Lightning lodging in his dantian, his spiritual energy was extremely strong and it ran through his entire body, making his body seem as if it was made out of steel tendons and iron bones. After the girl bit, it did not hurt nor even itch and he could not even feel anything.

Ahh, you bastard! Is your arm made by iron?! Indeed, after biting, the girl covered her red lips with her hand and started to bawl. Not only was she unable to bite Chu Feng, her teeth became extremely painful from that.

For whatever reason, seeing the sparkling tears flowing out of the girls eyes, Chu Fengs heart felt sour and it hurt like there were needles stabbing at it. It was the first time that she had a feeling of a child.

Okay Eggy, I was wrong okay? Who told you trick me!

Although he did not know where that feeling came from, Chu Feng did not want that girl to cry. So, he quickly admitted his wrongs and apologized while sweet-talking the girl like sweet-talking to a child.

On that topic, the girl called herself as queen and she did indeed seem like she had profound experience about the world, yet, her temper really did seem like a childs and after a few words from Chu Feng, everything was fine.

You bastard. How did I trick you? Im really strong, but its just that my cultivation was sealed by someone. The girl had a grieved face it looked like she didnt want Chu Feng to disbelieve her.

Do you know how to undo your seal? Chu Feng tightly frowned and he was a bit worried.

I dont know. The girl shook her head.

Good. Chu Feng took a breath of relief.

You bastard. The girl howled and leapt towards Chu Feng once again.

Chapter end

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